I vision Hospital specializes in all diseases and eye surgery, the latest equipment and latest methods of sterilization and at the hands of the largest consultants and professors of Egyptian and foreign universities.

We have several clinics for the detection and examination of the latest equipment to diagnose appropriate for all eye diseases, "General - the retina  - the cornea - the laser - conjunctival diseases and lacrimal - Cataract & Glaukoma - pilgrims and beauty - Squint - defects of vision"

Clinics operate from 9:00 until 22:00 every day of the week - Exp. Friday

The newest devices for the process of cataract removal and implantation and installation of lenses Balfacu.
All glaucoma and treasury operations forehand latest devices at the hands of the largest consultants in Egypt.
All operations of strabismus and amblyopia muscles - we have a special about the kids clinic
All operations of the retina and vitreous "separation of plexiglass - vitreous - the removal of ... etc."
We have all the cornea operations and Dhafra and the eradication of all tumors of the cornea with their analysis
All operations Vision Correction "femtosecond LASIK and LASIK" for the treatment of nearsightedness and farsightedness of all kinds with the latest device in Egypt "Elijrto X 500"
All operations related to the lacrimal system.
All special operations Paljvon and eradicate the fatty bags and Cosmetics Eye
All operations of the eye cavity
All kinds of X-rays "Sectional - dye - ultrasound - Size lens - the area of catching - Bntakam"

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